Your Questions About Email Addresses For Congress

John asks…

Where to get Email Address of Congress People?

I’ve been all over the internet looking for the Email address of my Local Representatives, I don’t want a form to fill out – I want an actual address to put in the top of an email. I got them before when writing to Representatives before but now all I can find is forms.

Where can i get an ACTUAL address?
By the way I’ve been on The Congressional Sites (,, ect.) And found nothing but forms.

John answers:

Maybe try the Congressional web site.*

David asks…

Was the format changed on I don’t find email addresses for the congress?

John answers:

No, I can get it up on my web….it’s still there….

Helen asks…

Is there an email address for the US Congress, House and Senate?

I have individual addresses for Congressmen

John answers:

No, you email them individually.

Lizzie asks…

Depression is inevitable! Destroying the US dollar with this bail out will not help! Opinions?

Bailing out private enterprise by our govt is illegal, plain and simple. It is against the Constitution. How our Senators and Congressmen can consider breaking the law at the President’s urgings is beyond me.

The bailout CANNOT help! The only way to get through this mess is to take the corrective measures that are demanded by the marketplace and THAT, terrible as it seems, is DEPRESSION. It can’t be stopped at this point. President Bush has made sure of that, whether on purpose or through naivete I do not know, but what’s done is done and there is NO WAY to STOP it!
The Federal Reserve was appointed to prevent things like this back in 1930 after the Depression. It DID hold it off for 20 some years though. Our financial systems on this planet seem to need re-vamping every 50 years so it is overdue.
If we actually go through with this bail out scheme it will only destroy the dollar and the World will no longer accept it as the World’s Reserve Currency. Our credibility is about to be tested. The test will be won if Congress says “NO” to Bush! World Depression will be the result if they don’t.
OUR govt and banks are not the ONLY ones messing up! The World Banks are giving out money like there is no limit! Africa’s debts were just pardoned by a consortium of banks and who knows how many other countries have received perks under the table. The Ruling Elite have totally lost it. Our World Economic System is about to collapse. The more they try to shore it up the worse it will be since the foundation has eroded. There is no quick fix … there is no way around it … DEPRESSION of the World Markets is at hand.

As a side note I read this website called http://AskTheDragon.ORG and it talks about similar things. If you listen to the first two lectures on the website it will explain what is happening in scientific terms that are plain and understandable. It shows how we, as a planet, are losing the ability to form logical thought and that we are going to have to switch to intuitive thought. It further explains that while we are in transition we will experience some odd phenomena that will make most people feel like they are “going insane”. At first I thought the website was a bit nutz but NOW I’m beginning to see the truth of it. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

In the meantime, PLEASE Google “Contact US Senators” and “US Congress email addresses” and get in touch with your reps and tell them NOT TO LISTEN TO President Bush. This is his last attempt to line the pockets of those who voted him into office and then he is going to announce his “Pardons” soon. I further believe that there is a plan in place to wipe out the dollar so that our govt can introduce the AMERO. It will be the currency for North America (Canada, US, and Mexico). It’s all ready to go and just needs approval. This bailout will destroy the dollar and allow the Amero to be put into place. But that won’t help either because the Depression has started. There’s no turning back the clock. It cannot be changed or stopped in anyway. It is inevitable when you have irresponsible people running the planet.

Anyone else agree with me or am I REALLY going crazy!? If you agree please start writing an email to your representatives now!

Thanks for listening. Now you can verbally flog the heck out of me, but please be nice, I’m only doing what I think it right!

John answers:

Your theory about the fate of the dollar has no grounding in reality. By bailing these companies out, the world will be less anxious about the dollar, causing more people to invest in the US and more people to offer credit, increasing the amount of money available as well as its value relative to other currencies.

Richard asks…

I need email and mail address and names so i can send for help?

please help me anyone tell me the email address ,name and mailing address at following person so I can send letter or email
because my loan HAMP denied even if I qualified now the foreclosure I have to go street to sleep with my family in this sever winter time

and how to have my story printed in the new york times and wall street paper so America people can read a real story

chairman senate banking committee
chairman congress banking committee

President of America Mr, Obama

new york Times
wall street

John answers:


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