Your Questions About Email Addresses For Congress

Paul asks…

Anybody have a site that I can go to for addresses/email addressed for Congress people?

I can’t seem to find it on Google. Thanks!

John answers:

Perhaps if you go to you will find what you need.
If you are seeking one particular person each member of Congress, with few exceptions, has a website. Type in their name and you should get there.

Thomas asks…

Where can I find a list of email Addresses for members of Congress?

I need a good valid site that contains the email addresses of members of Congress and what state they represent.

John answers:

Most Members of Congress have “e-mail me” links on their own web sites.

However, many, for good or ill, require that you give a physical address, to verify that you are one of their constituents. In other words, if a given Congressman does not represent you, they will not see your e-mail.

Sandra asks…

How do I get the email addresses for my representatives in Congress and the House of Representatives?

I need to know how to find out who they are and how to email them

John answers:

Or use

beside email addresses you can get all kinds of other info,; it is a good one to bookmark.

Good luck.

Lizzie asks…



John answers:

You can send an e-mail a member of the House of Representatives via the following website:

This is the website for e-mailing U. S. Senators:

John asks…

Where can I get email addresses of all members of Congress? ?

I am NOT for this 700B bailout and want to say so. They WILL do this if they don’t hear from us.
Thx fmko…just contact them and congress.or, and surprised to see the vote against this bailout from email write-in is 91 to 9 AGAINST a bailout. So folks, they are hearing US. You can go there and add your 2 cents as well.

John answers:

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