Your Questions About Email Addresses Case Sensitive

James asks…

A federal employee told me he never got my email because his address is case sensitive. True?

He said that “.gov” had to be lower case only. I’ve not heard this before.

John answers:

This is untrue. According to the link below, the one part of the email address which is case insensitive is the domain name. Thus, portion of the email address is case insensitive.

Most likely your email got caught in their spam filters and didn’t reach the recipient.

Please see the link below.


Laura asks…

What does it mean “case sensitive”for an email address?


John answers:

I’m pretty sure it refers to uppercase or lowercase letters. So case sensitive would mean that the address needs to be typed as is. Ex), couldn’t be typed as

David asks…

How can someone-else have the same yahoo email address as me?

Why does someone else have exactly the same yahoo email address as me?
the only difference is that theirs begins with a capital letter and mine with a lower case. But this seems to make no difference-I get his emails and I presume he gets mine!
I thought email addresses were case sensitive ,but apparently not!
It seems absolutely impossible to get in touch with Yahoo to ask why that they have given out two apparently identical email addresses
Any suggestions?
the messages are generally not spams-they are personal from relatives or receipts for renting DVDs etc..
Its weird but worrying that “he” might be getting all my emails as well. “He” seems be in the USA while I am in the UK!

John answers:

Email addresses are not case sensitive. Case is ignored. And no there is no one else with your same email address. Sometimes people get spammed with a different “display name” … So you might think you are getting someone else’s mail.

Linda asks…

Are the letters in an “AOL” email account case sensitive?

I think they used to be and my cousin in Memphis keeps giving me the address … I keep sending mail and get no replies.

John answers:


Lisa asks…

E-mail address question?

Are email addresses case sensitive? When my boss handwrites email address, not sure if it upper or lower case? He has written it down weeks before I need to enter, so he isn’t going to remember.

John answers:

Is doesnt matter whether you write it in capitals or lower case, it all works the same 🙂

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