Your Questions About Email Addresses Case Sensitive

Richard asks…

are the first part of an email address case sensitive?

such as…if sent to will it go the persons email…or is it case sensitive? yery important that i know fast;/ urgent matter. ty

John answers:

The local-part is case sensitive, therefore and specify different mailboxes. This practice is discouraged by RFC 5321, however. Most email servers ignore case. I would recommend sending email to yourself both ways to make sure your server accepts it. I have never heard of it being a problem with Yahoo. 
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lisa asks…

Are the letters in my Yahoo email address case sensitive???

John answers:

No, they are not case sensitive. You can use caps or not.

Steven asks…

Email addresses of the owners is case sensitive, in what ways could be indentify?

The correspondence from government’s board to individual pertaining to investments.

John answers:

Not sure I understand what you want to know… Could you rephrase the question?

Nancy asks…

I heard email addresses are not case sensitive, but someone told me some are, are they?

John answers:

No way email addresses are case sensitive! Have never seen one.

Donald asks…

So tell em once and for all. Are email or web addresses ever case sensitive?

John answers:

Web addresses are case sensitive, if u use unix (linux, bsd). Some email addresses are case sensitive.

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