Your Questions About Email Addresses Case Sensitive

Steven asks…

Are email addresses case sensitive?

Like hotmail for example.

If I send an email to, then send the same email to, will she get the email twice?

John answers:

No, they aren’t. For example, if you register a new email account on and want your new email to be, and someone else already has an email called, you are not allowed to have that email, because in actuality, it’s the same email.

Chris asks…

Why if email addresses are case sensitive do you have to go upper case for the @ sign?

Just wondering really. I think it would be interesting to know if anyone does know. Thanx in advance.
I understand the fact that the @ is at the top of the button and you have to go uppercase but surely if email addys are designed to be case sensitive this funny little a in a circle is breaking the rules a bit he he!

John answers:

Email addresses are NOT case sensitive, the reason that it is above the number 2 key (in my region) is because the keyboard layout was set before e-mail existed and the wide use of the @ (at symbol)

Charles asks…

are email addresses case sensitive?

i sent a email to my school counsler and she hasn’t replied. i rechecked our school website to make sure i had the right email, and it turns out the the first letters of her first and last name are captilized. (ex. Does this really make a difference? I dont want to resend the email if she already got it.

John answers:

Nope it doesn’t make a difference, they will have gotten the email.

William asks…

Are google mail/gmail email addresses case sensitive?

for example would EXAMPLE@GMAIL.COM,,

all get to the same recipient?

John answers:

Google Mail/Gmail addresses are not case-sensitive. If you were to send an e-mail to, the recipient with the e-mail address would receive it.

Hope this helps!

Susan asks…

are email addresses case sensitive? is the same as

John answers:

No. The cases :uppercase or lowercase are all different characters. They ain’t the same.

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