Your Questions About Email Addresses

Sharon asks…

How do you clear previously typed email addresses on iPhone?

Everytime I compose an email on my iPhone I have previous email addresses auto fill. Some of these email addresses are only 1 time I ever used and I plan to never use that email again. They are not in my contacts so I can’t clear them there. Someone please help. It’s starting to use up alot of space in my list. I need to clear them asap!

John answers:

There is no way to clear that list yet and I have searched. The only thing I can find is by restoring the iphone through iTunes.

Laura asks…

How many extra email addresses can I have with Yahoo Mail Plus in the UK?

I’d like to have a quick way of getting extra email addresses. I need quite a few! How many extra email addresses can I have if I sign up for the Yahoo Mail Plus service (UK version)?

Is there any other way of getting extra email addresses really quickly and easily?

John answers:

I think you can have 5. You can also set up more on the free web mail. Just keep using different user names and passwords.

Ruth asks…

What are some email addresses of doctors specializing in migraines?

I’m in an Honors Science class, we have to create a science fair project. One of our assignments is to ask an expert about the area we are studying. Thus, I am doing my project on migraines since I suffer from them frequently. I was wondering if anyone can help me get the email addresses of a few doctors so I can email them the interview. I’m looking, but I seem to only be able to find the names of doctors, not their contact information. So if you could help, that would be great!

John answers:

You can use
Hope it can help you.

Maria asks…

How many email addresses can one person have at one time?

I have 2 seperate accounts now one for internet searches so-on and so fourth, and another that I use for personel buisness and family contacts. Now I am needing another email for a buisness I am thinking about getting into. What is the total number of addresses one person can have control of at one time?I have yahoo,and hot mail already. Is thier another? Hope ya’ll can help me get my ansewer.

John answers:

As many as you like. 10 in yahoo are free w/ subscription.
Then just use hotmail,gmail,etc.,

Michael asks…

How do you forward Yahoo email to others without showing all of the addresses in the email you received?

In the age of email, most of us receive emails that have been forwarded and forwarded and contain the email addresses of everyone it was forwarded to. How do you forward a Yahoo email and not show all of the other addresses of the email you had forward to you.

John answers:

In the forward you’re sending, highlight, right-click and delete the addresses

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