Your Questions About Email Addresses

Jenny asks…

How do you add multiple email addresses under one contact to a category?

I coach and parents often give me 2-3 email addresses for contacting them. In the past I’ve been able to create a category, add the contacts, then edit the category and add the add’l email addresses for each contact. I cannot find this capability on the new contacts in yahoo. Anyone else having this problem or have a solution (without adding a contact for each email address)? Thanks

John answers:

The only way I know is by adding them individually, and in the “Nicknames” or right after the first name (no spaces) identify the specific email address. Be sure to “Save”

As you identify each, within their information sheet, set them up in the categories needed. Both jobs at once.

Sorry there does not seem to be a better way.

Daniel asks…

How to email a list of people while hiding their email addresses but showing their names?

Is it possible to send an email to multiple people so that the recipients cannot see the email addresses of the other recipients, but can see the names of the other recipients? Thus, for example, the recipient would know, “Oh, Mary also received this email” but would not see Mary’s email address. Can this be done by giving the recipients a nickname?

John answers:


This is a goofy answer and I don’t recommend it, but it answers the question. Send the e-mail To: yourself, but make your real name the names or nicknames of all the contacts you are sending the email to. Your name will really be one really long name that consists of all their names added together. Then BCC all of the contacts real email addresses. It’s very possible this will get caught by several ISP’s spam filters.


Laura asks…

What are the email addresses/ postal addresses for the members of The Fray?

I am a huge fan of theirs and would like to write them a letter. I know that they have addresses that are somehow available to the public after reading this:
“Fans sometimes would find our personal email addresses, and those letters meant a lot.”- Isaac Slade, Denver Magazine 2008
If anyone has any information on how to contact them, please share it with me:)

Thanks so much.

John answers:

Yeah.. I emailed you..
Ha ha, sorry!

Ken asks…

How can I delete email addresses from mail forwarded to me?

Someone sent me a mail with my email address together with a bunch of other people’s addresses. How can I delete the addresses from the sender’s forwarded mail? I know I can delete addresses when I forward mail to others but just cannot find a way to delete them from sender’s “cc” column.

John answers:

You can’t really either reply this bozo to stop sending such pieces of crap or just mark his/her mail address as Spam and keep on living

Sharon asks…

How many email addresses can you add to your groups emails?

I used to have about 10 different email addresses that I could use for different groups in Yahoo. Now every time I try to add a new one they tell me I’ve exceeded the maximum number of email addresses. I’m down to 5 and I still get the same message. How many can I have?

John answers:

You can add up to five (5) alternate posting email address.

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