Your Questions About Email Addresses

Richard asks…

email addresses?

I am trying to set up a brokerage account and it ask for my email address. It will not accept my email address. It says that it is invalid and must be in proper format. I then tried several other email addresses and it would not accept them either. Then I tried a different brokerage firm and it would not accept it either. Some one suggested that I disable cookies which i did and it made no difference. Do you have any suggestions?

John answers:

Your domain isn’t being recognized…i.e. or whatever…you might want to check with the brokerage i.t. Staff to see if the domain is legit…

Ken asks…

Email addresses?

I want to post email addresses of lawyers from different sites and then post them to a specific email address called “Lawyers.”

How do I do this? Thxs Lance

John answers:

Create a distribution list called Lawyers. In it, you can include everyone’s email address. Then send your email to the Lawyers’ email list.

Mandy asks…

Email Addresses???

I need the following email addresses:
Chaka Khan
Stevie Wonder
Plain White T’s
Aly and Aj
Keke Palmer
And 1019 the Mix

Thanks Claire

John answers:

Celebrities won’t just give out there email adress anywhere and neither post it on the internet..They want privacy.

Though some should be having a fan mail. For example : Keke Palmer , Aly & Aj ..etc..

You could look it up on the internet. But I guess you won’t get their private email adress, unless you knew someone really close to them that IS willing to tell you.

Good Luck though 🙂

Daniel asks…

How do I delete bad email addresses in yahoo email?

I sent an email to my entire email address book. I got alot returned b/c they are not current or good email addresses anymore. I can not figure out how to delete the bad email addresses from my yahoo email address/contact book.

John answers:

Click on CONTACTS…once in each name…to the right…has an EDIT on that and you have a DELETE option

Sandy asks…

How do I clear what email addresses gmail remembers?

I once sent an email to a friend and I mis-typed their email address. Now whenever I try to send this person a message through gmail as I start to type the address it gives me a drop down of two email addresses, one of them being incorrect. Is there a way to clear the email addresses gmail remembers? Can I just delete selected ones?

John answers:


Click on “Contacts” on the left sidebar of Gmail. Now select the option “All Contacts”. Gmail has two depositories for email addresses. One is “My Contacts” which you have imported or have saved previously. The other is “All contacts”, where ALL contacts are automatically saved if you have send them a mail previously, though you haven’t added them in your contact list.

Now, from “All Contacts” find the name/email address of the person and manually delete it.

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