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Laura asks…

If paper money were to become worthless, i.e. hyperinflation, would silver “increase” in value?

What I mean is silver is around $34 an ounce roughly, but if paper currency fell, would silver per ounce actually trade, and I mean literally trade for goods, for more than the $34 per ounce. So in other words, would silver trade on the barter system for say $100 per ounce if the paper currency was worthless…

John answers:

If paper currency totally fails, I beleive that the only commodities that will truly hold their value or will actually increase in value will be food, water, fuel and bullets. If there is any social stability and signs of economic recovery silver and gold will probably become the standard again. Before that could happen, there would be some very hard times to get through, you may not want to be around to see it!

Betty asks…

Do you think someone will trade this with me for a ps3?

Do you think someone will trade me a ps3 for
A psp 1000 (original) (no battery)
A gamecube (super smash bros skin)
A phat ds (no stylus)(screen has minor scratches)

Ds games:
-my sims
-kirby super star ultra
-harry potter and the goblet of fire
-the legend of zelda spirit tracks
-metroid prime hunters
-super mario 64 ds

Gameboy advanced games:
-duel masters krijudo showdown
-lord of the rings
-a series of unfortunate events
-spongebob squarepants battle for bikini bottom

psp games:
-crisis core final fantasy 7
-medal of honor heroes

gamecube games:
-fairly odd parents shadow showdown
-nicktoons unite
paper mario the thousand year door
-gamecube controller

*memory card not included for gamecube and psp
*psp still works without battery you just need to plug into charger
*all chargers and wall accessories included
*psp battery=$10-20
*ds stylus=$5-10
I have these items and i want a ps3 for them to clerify things
*psp memory card=$20
*gamecube memory card=$20

John answers:

No, i dont think so as these items are rather old, unlike the ps3, which cost over £200

Mark asks…

On a societal level, what are the BIGGEST problems associated with drugs and the drug trade? (read inside)?

I’m not looking for individual problems (i.e. you take cocaine and are less competent at your job) but problems that relate to the whole society (i.e. prohibition of drugs is an expensive venture for society).

In your answer, I would like the most important/biggest problems associated with the drug trade/drug consumption (illicit drugs, i.e. cannabis, cocaine, heroine, etc) and please reference a source if you could. I can come up with my own reasons as to why it is bad, so please provide me with a source from someone of stature and high-ranking position (so that I can use it as a reference in my paper).

John answers:

Okay, I’m not quite sure if this will help but, if you have about an hour and a half, watch a documentary called “The Union.”

Here is a link:

It does a great job explaining specifically cannabis and how it effects the United States and Canada.

Nancy asks…

In the 1780s, all of the following contiributed to dissatisfaction with the Articles of Confederation EXCEPT:?

A) high taxes levied by the national government

B) a farmers’ revolt in Massachusetts against the collection of state taxes

C) states refusing to honor the Treaty of Paris

D) worthless paper money printed by many states

E) states restricting trade with one another

John answers:

A – High taxes levied by the national govt. In fact that was why the Articles of Confederation existed in the first place, to give most power to the states and keep the fed. Govt. Small and relatively weak.

Carol asks…

can i get advice on my paper?

I need advice on my paper for history. It has to be on the positives and negatives of immigration. I wanna know opinions on what i have so far, good, bad, needs improvement? And i want suggestions of things to add or changes to. This is what I have so far :

Immigration has been a controversial issue in America for ages. Millions of immigrants move to America in hopes of having a better life there. Displayed on the Statue of Liberty, Emma Lazarus’s “The New Colossus” welcomed a great number of immigrants into New York Harbor. She wrote, “Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free …” Her welcoming words assured immigrants that they were wanted in the new land. Immigration offers both positive and negative contributions to America.
Since the early 1800s, immigration has brought many positive things to America. During the time of industrialization, a flow of immigrants supplied a large work force for factories. They worked hard, but they accepted low wages. This saved many businesses and factories money. The strong work force of immigrants allowed America to industrialize and grow rapidly. Today around 20% of doctors in America are foreign born. This means that even today immigrants are supplying America with that same important work force. Immigrants also brought many new ideas for technology. According to Wikipedia, Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, and Jan E. Matzeliger, inventor of a shoemaking machine, were both immigrants. James Ritty, inventor of the cash register, was the son of two immigrants. Immigration has also positively affected our culture. America is considered a “melting pot”, or a multi-ethnic society. The mixture of different cultures allows American people to learn and understand other countries. According to Iris Teichmann’s studies, she believes around 16 million immigrants have moved to America between the years of 1970 and 1995. Without cultural diversity, it would hinder America’s understand of trade, as well. Immigrants help American traders understand the needs of other countries. This allows America to trade things that a country may need in exchange for a need of America.

John answers:

I think it is concise and covers a lot of well documented points – i would give you high marks!!!

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