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Sharon asks…

Advertising for play dates?

I live in a very small town without the recreational opportunities of larger cities (i.e. no mommy and me, no LLL and so on) I started going to curch to meet other ladies my age with children about my sons age (one year) and talked to some of the ladies and they seemed really nice and said they would call me. They never have. I am a stay at home mom and I love my son but I am getting bored! I am a very clean and well educated (but painfully shy) lady. Would it seem too sad and desperate to advertise in the local paper or on the trading post (on tv) for play dates?

John answers:

Have you ever heard of It is a wonderful web-site in which different people, from different areas, with different hobbies (i.e. Dog owners, playgroups, SAHM, etc.) can connect with each other. If you log on, make an account, and enter your zip code and interests (playgroup/SAHM), you will get a list of other mother’s in your area who are interested in the same things. You will also be informed of the groups that are already established and are looking for new members to join.

Seeing as you are shy you may not want to go this far, but you could even go as far as to start your own group in your area. You would be the organizer, and be allowed to choose who can enter your group. You will also have to plan your “meet-ups”.

I am not sure if that is something you’d be interested in, but I had joined after having my second daughter. I have since left because I have been busy with school, but it was a great opportunity/excuse to get out of the house with other mothers and children, and they had great ideas of what we were going to do.

Hope this helps!

Joseph asks…

How is a company or institution going “paperless” good for the environment?

I know it sounds like a stupid question, but if you really think about it, we are only making a trade-off rather than a gain. This is because if a company goes paperless, then we will be using less paper but we will ALSO be increasing our dependency on computers to conduct transactions. And computers need energy to run, i.e. electricity. So the trade-off is: less trees get cut down, but more energy is expended.
Meat is Murder: Looks like you didn’t read the details of my question…

John answers:

We have the ability to create electricity sustainably and cleanly. Currently our use of paper and wood products are greater than our ability to sustainably harvest the materials. There will also likely be an energy savings as well. Printers use quite a bit of energy and almost all information is stored electronically even if there are “hard copies”. Take a mortgage company for example, if they scan in all the hundreds of documents associated with a loan, then they can electronically send that information to anyone who needs them, if they are only in paper form then they must be retrieved from the storage location, which is often off site, transported to an office where they will be photo copied, then put into the mail, then the documents must be transported back to storage. It seems like paperless would take less energy.

Chris asks…

Can you recycle trading cards? (i.e. pokemon cards)?

I was cleaning out my room and found a ton of old pokemon cards and I was wondering if they are recyclable? And if so, would I just be able to put them in the paper bin?
After reading some of the answers, I don’t think Ebay is on option, the ones I found are pretty arbitrary and if I remember correctly useless. Also, I’m now 20 so I don’t really know anyone that I can hand them off to. Besides, throwing them in the recycling bin, if possible (still don’t know, although I’m leaning towards no) is much easier.

John answers:

I would take it to like a card shop or ebay etc.. And sell them so you can ear i few extra dollars. Or just give them to someone who likes them but if you rather just get rid of them i am pretty sure you can. About the paper bin though i dont know

Mary asks…

Enimi trading question?

I’m learning paper trading e-mini sp500. Is true you can make a profit by going short. Meaning buy at price A and then the price plunge and sell below price A and still make profit??

I been only trading long. Meaning buy low price and sell higher price

John answers:

Short selling is a gamble fro sure. But say you had this gut feeling that Netflix was going to tank, you short their stock in the summer at $200 a share, now they are at $80 a share, good profit! One thing about shorting stocks is you have to buy them at the current price and you sell them when they drop lower. A “PUT” is a better way to buy stocks that are tanking. You only put up a small amount upfront and if your guess is right and the stock tanks and falls, you ‘exercise” your Put and make some easy money, same if you think a stock is going UP, instead of buying the stock out right and hopes it goes up, you can buy call options on them, stock goes up to Over what you guessed they would, you buy them at the price when you placed the call. Best of luck to yah.

Jenny asks…

Why do Jews discriminate against others?

In my 62 years of life, I have noted frequently and consistently that people who claim to be “Jewish” (whatever that is, just another human being to me) disciminate both in business and socially against others. For example, if there is a job opening in a business or not for profit managed by Jewish people, they will hire a Jewish person over all other candidates. They typically belong to “Jewish” organizations and claim tax advantages for non profit status. As a result, many sectors of business are dominated by Jews, even though they are only 2 to 3 percent of the US population. This seems to be the reason Hitler and so many others in Europe disliked Jews before WWII (and even since). They seem to be egomaniacal, bigoted and have as a matter of course (Israel as an example) adopted a “supremacist” apartheid and, in my opinion, extremely offensive (in all meanings of the word) cult status. I am not Jewish (surprise, surprise). Why am I required under penalty of criminal law to pay taxes which go to Israel or indirectly support their tax advantaged (and discriminatory) “think tanks” and blatantly religious self serving organizations. Do people who are Jewish recognize how dangerous this attitude is and that it could AGAIN provoke open and justified hostility? I have reviewed the supremacist nonsense which Jews espouse, as if they are responsible for all positive advances in civilization, but frankly I am not aware of many Jews who are involved in any meaningful pursuits other than trading paper, loaning money, practicing “law” ( with an emphasis on banking and collections), etc., etc. Try to find a Jewish person to fix your plumbing. Adolph Hitler may not have been wrong, just overreacted. If Jews discriminate against others, then there is a rationale for discriminating against them. They cannot have it both ways, using their “identity” as both a shield and sword and then insisting that everybody else surrender their weapons. This is currently the identical position they have assumed in the Middle East and throughout society, e.g. they claim they should be allowed to have the most advanced weapons, but their “enemies” should not be allowed to possess similar weapons. This will ultimately lead to their demise most assuredly. In the end, it must be remembered that even the Roman civilization was ultimately eliminated by so called “Barbarian” tribes, who were, in fact, simply more populist and demoratic than the slave “civilizations” of Rome and earlier Egyptian royalty. Who were the REAL Barbarians? As a human being, I believe that all human beings are entitled to equal status both socially and under the law, and I am offended by ALL groups, whether “ethnic” or “religious” or whatever who set themselves apart and attempt to claim some “special” status. In the end, they are just people, the “worst of all animals”. My cat is more civilized and certainly makes more evolutionary “sense.” Maybe “Jewish” people are even more “overevolved” than the usual human animal, even more reliant upon other animals and life as “fodder” for their continued existence. In other words, they are the predator and we are the prey, and as Charlie Sheen says, they are currently “winning.” Look at who benefits from the “banking” disasters and “bailouts.”

John answers:

Well, Discrimination and Hate is the basic Characteristic of Zionism.

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