Your Questions About E Trade Paper Trading

Betty asks…

watz my name?


The period during which China was ruled under the Tang dynasty (618-907 C. E.) is considered by Historians as China’s golden period. The early part of this dynasty was one of the best periods for peasants due to meaningful tax and land reforms. Polotical reforms made the Tang dynasty China’s most sophisticated political state in the world at the time. The Tang capital city- Chang-an (today known as Xian)’s a growing city drawing merchants and travelers from Asia, the near East and even the Mediterranean.
One of the greatest achievements during the peace of the Tang leadership is when the important religion of Buddhism really flourished. In many religions, Buddhism coexisted with the native ideas of Taoism; in some religions, a blending of Chinese (Taoist) and Buddhist traditions. Buddhism was aided by the efforts of Chinese Buddhists such as Fa Hsien who made a journey to India in the late 4th and early 5th centuries in search of original Buddhism texts. He returned to China with several texts and spent the rest of his life translating them.
The prosperity of the Tang, combined with the influences brought in by the Silk Road trade, resulting in parts of China with scholarships and especially in the production of fine arts including sculpturing and painting. The most famed achievement in the eyes of some was Tang literature in particular the poetry of this period. Poets such as Li Bo and Tu Fu are still considered the greatest poets produced by Chinese civilization. These poets blended traditional forms dating back to the Shang period, but also blended influences from other cultures inn Central Asia and even farter away.
During the golden age of the Tang dynasties, more important achievements were made by the Chinese, inventions such as block printing and gunpowder were developed. This was also the period when Chinese technology produced the mariner’s compass and the water clock. As a result of the tremendous prosperity enabled by trade, paper currency was developed, as well as sophisticated methods of banking.
China’s achievements were in fact so impressive that the civilizations of Korea, Japan and countries in Southeast Asia were influenced by China’s culture.

John answers:

The dynasty was founded by the Li family, who seized opportunity in the decline and collapse of the Sui Empire. The dynasty was interrupted briefly by the Second Zhou Dynasty (16 October 690 – 3 March 705) when Empress Wu Zetian seized the throne (the first and only Chinese Empress to rule in her own right).

Paul asks…

Does this girl like me?

I’m really really shy and I just moved to a new school this semester. English a couple weeks ago we had to write a paper about ourselves and trade with a partner. This random girl sat next to me and we traded papers.

Last week my friend was talking to her and her friend and she said to me “hey aren’t you in my english class?”

then today at p.e. i walked by her and she said “hey i love your shoes”

What do you think?

John answers:

I sorry probably not like like you
if you can get to be friends though…

Steven asks…

Which boy do you think liked or likes me more?

Okay, so 2 years ago, there was a boy, no names will be given, anyway, he talked to me, and when the teacher got the student to trade paper to correct them quicker, we would ALWAYs trade, and we good friends, but I was really shy, so I didn’t talk to him a lot. okay, and before the end of school, and last year, I was riding the bus home, and he was walking, and the bus stopped right there, so I was facing him, and he just stared at me, there was a boy that I met in music class, he is really, funny, but makes fun of me. We went to see a play for E.L.A. and He stole my braclette and I hit his hand against the chair he called me cheap, we were fighting over the braclette, and also some people call him my girlfriend… anyways, what one do you think liked me more?
typos, when i said people would him my girlfriend, I ment people called me his girlfriend.
i kinda like the first one better, because he was sweet, and also I think I do , I just didn’t relize, because I had dream acouple of nights ago about him, my friend, him, and I were all walking and talking to each other in the hall, and I feel, in my dreams, I felt SO nervous like it was acaully happening, but then got more comfortable, weird… kinda creepy to dream about somebody you haven’t talked to for awhile…
I’m asking you which boy you think I have more of a chance of getting asked out with.
The second one, well we were leaving music class and there are stairs in the music room, and I was on the top row with him, we were walking down the stairs, and I tripped, he said my name, and laughed i looked up at him said shut up, he always pokes me, bu sometimes is really nice too. It varies a lot with him.
Thanks, for the answers, but I need more opinions, I like them both kinda, I like the first one more, but i don’t have enough confidence to talk to him, how should I go about talking to him?
PLEASE ANSWER! I don’t know what to expect from these two next year, if we’re in the same classes, all three of us, I’m going to be even more confused of who I have more of a chance of being with…
PLEASE ANSWER! I don’t know what to expect from these two next year, if we’re in the same classes, all three of us, I’m going to be even more confused of who I have more of a chance of being with…

John answers:

The shy dude may have hidden feelings that he isnt expressing real well

the second kid likes you pretty well, hes just immature..
He’ll come around some day…

Id go with the first one, and if he just stared out you, you should have smiled then started walking with him, unless he was walking in another direction

Sandra asks…

shares in paper form . how do i trade. india specific?

i have some shares in paper form. how do i sell them withouth converting to demat this possible? these shaes in the name of my parents. i have an demat account but since the names differ(shares in the name of my parents). how do i sll them. i am staying in india(mumbai) and shares r listd on the b.s.e. india specific answers pls.

John answers:

Yes i think you can sell it off using your demat account…..since you have a demat account…. Just transfer them in your name from your parents…and then you can check the prices later and sell it…through the existing account….of yours…

Check it with any brokers in bombay yaar…

David asks…

Can I get e-statements for trading in Reliance money instead of paper statements?

John answers:

THEY r mailing u on daily basis on yor ragistered mail id

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