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Sharon asks…

What are the laws on trading firearms in texas im from erath county?

I want to trade my shotgun partially for a dirtbike but i dont have the papers my dad does and he wont give them too me but i have the gun? How do i go about trading it??

John answers:

There is no gun registry in Texas so no paperwork is needed.

If you own the gun and are over 18 (for long guns) you can trade it, give it away, or sell it without papers.

You need to make reasonably sure that who ever you trade with is over 18, a Texas resident, and can posess a gun (I.e not a gang banger or anything) but those are the only restrictions.

But ya know, I wonder why you would want to trade. The shotgun will last longer than a used dirt bike (like forever), and hunting is alot more fun than riding in the mud. 🙂

Maybe that’s what your dad is trying to tell you by not giving you what ever paperwork he has.

Sandy asks…

How do I sell my penny stock – CGAQ ?

I bought this penny stock and now no brokerage firm will hold it. I’ve tried Etrade, Ameritrade, Morgan Stanley, etc and there compliance departments will not allow the deposit. I spoke to the owner of the company CGAQ and he has no suggestions. Please tell me how I get this off my hands. Thank you.

John answers:

How did you buy this stock if not through a brokerage account?

It is shown as trading on the pink sheets but if none of the brokers will allow you deposit it for compliance reasons it appears you have been ‘hoodwinked’ into buying a worthless piece of paper.

Since the company is offshore, there is likely nothing you can do if the company won’t buy it from you.

Mary asks…

What was Trade like back in the ancient times?

I need to now what trade was like back in the ancient times?

John answers:

The first forms of trade can be traced back to the Barter system where trading was done with goods and live stock, animals etc. There were generally accepted standards such as e.g. One cow is equal to 2 goats. Such barter system trade lost its importance as many problems arose from it such as the lack of fixed standards and inability to possess and keep stock of many goods. Therefore the concept of token money (cash which has no intrinsic value i.e. The cost of the paper or material to print and make cash money and coins basically cost nothing) evolved few hundred years ago.

John asks…

How does world trade affect the standard of living in developing countries?

And I’m mostly aiming at Jamaica for this answer so thanks !
Also, how does world trade affect individuals?

John answers:

I can’t speak for Jamaica, but whatever its faults, globalization and the increase in world trade has dramatically reduced poverty in the world,
which means it has raised the standard of living of most people.

Furthermore, more than half the world’s population no longer live from hand to mouth but have a reasonable amount of discretionary income:

Of course many would argue that it isn’t absolute standard of living that counts but relative standard of living. On this criteria there is disagreement. Some would argue that even though they are better off absolutely, because income inequality is growing, most people are worse of relatively (i.e. Relative to the top 10%, etc.)–en/WCMS_099406/index.htm

Chris asks…

Trading phones with sister. ITs damaged and want to use the insurance?

So me and my sister are thinking about trading phones (lg dare for her lg voyager). But hers is damaged and has the insurance on it. Could i take it in and get it replaced with another voyager. Or does it have to be through her contract?

John answers:

Hi, insurance and the manufacturer’s warranty only carries with the phone for the first (original) owner. If you activate and swap phones, not only can you not trade it in with verizon, but you can’t even use asurion to replace it, as the insurance is also only good for the original owner.
Here’s how you should conduct this trade if you want to trade for her voyager. IF the Voyager is damaged due to software malfunctioning (i.e. Freezing, resetting, etc) AND LESS than a year old, than she will get it replaced for free via Verizon because it falls under the manufacturer’s limited 1yr. Warranty.
If the phone is damaged otherwise, you will have to settle the swap for a $50 deductable with insurance. The website to make the claim through asurion is:
Their phone number is 1-(888) 881-2622.
Do not get it swapped without getting it fixed first, or you’ll be the proud owner of a used paper weight. Also as a caution, you can’t transfer the insurance either, so if something happens down the road, you’re up the creek also.
Verizon does have a replacement program they don’t like to talk about for people who don’t qualify for a upgrade, don’t have insurance or aren’t under warranty. It works similar to the insurance ($50 fee), but doesn’t cover damage due to to water. I only know about it because I’m receiving my phone tomorrow morning under the same program.
Good luck for whatever you decide.

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