Ultimate Trading Lesson- Take action, begin trading or waste your time!

Hi potential Trader,

Been quite busy lately and wish to thank readers for writing in to share the info and lend support.

Today’s article is about taking action. Let us begin our trading in earnest, by allowing me share the story of an aged man. He told his 2 sons that he only regrets two things in his life. Regret number one is not doing what he wanted to do until it’s too late. And number two was not enjoying life each day and instead wasted that by always waiting for tomorrow, worrying and rushing in his decisions and hoped his children learnt not to repeat his folly. He says we all lived on a boat called the Titanic and each day brings us nearer our graves and hence it’s important to do what’s will impact us for the better.

So let’s re-summarize the path to profitable trading, 3M i.e. having the right mindset or attitude towards each trade, managing your trade using proper money management and also to select stocks based on the method chosen. Most of us have gone into trading and then lost money and either never come back to the market, or rarely if possible made some kind of money. If you are in the latter situation, your reading stops here, you have found the Holy Grail of trading. Profitable trading is simple. Keep doing what works i.e. makes money and you will be richer each time you enter the market both in improving continuously monetary terms, right mindset attitude, method and management. After all, life’s fun when one makes money!

But until one takes a bet based on a Trading Plan, plunge into this trading pool, one can continue to paper trade or dream on, theorizing and a thousand such thinking will not teach you anything. It is a life, a real life lesson only when you are actually making money or losing money. That is the lesson of life. Only an experimentalist will try and then test his or her theories and the lesson is what that result has taught. Nothing matters after this.

I received hundreds of emails thanking me for this blog but alas, until you move an inch towards profitable trading, all my blogs here are useless to you. Might as well waste your life, read the latest news or listen to music, watch the movies and let tomorrow come.

So what’s the lesson here today? Go ahead, break a leg and start this trading or regret like the old man. Hey, I sound so harsh but remember life’s harsh because if one doesn’t take a decision and then I guarantee, somebody else will make for that person.

Happy kaizen trading!

John Lee

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