The best proven stock trading plan- found here!

I recently read a book,
How To Be A Billionaire” by Martin S. Fridson and especially on one Warren Buffet piece. He has a reputation for spotting cheap assets in frequently mundane-sounding businesses. But he has not prospered by buying companies that were deservedly low-price but by his big-purchase of controlling interest stakes. Then he began programs to enhance profitability by direct interference thru unlocking assets, slashing expenses and laying off of workers thru active management of those companies. Lest you think this Sage of Omaha is a passive investor (what every stock trader hoped to be), you ought to know he is more known as an industrial magnate. To say he made his money thru passive investing is a downright mis-statement.

But for us mortals, we are only interested to find a system that works for us. We are not interested in gurus who trumpeted their great successes but in our own personal success. Hence this blog is written to aid regular guys in finding proven trading strategies without the fluff and by a simple determination of a working trading plan that’s practical and profitable. It is where recently I came upon this site, that suits my piece well. This site is about having a team working for us to track and analyse performance of trading system peddlers and then you decide if that system works for you and you then, put in your money. Instead of you spending countless hours and months, testing with real or paper money to put up your own system, why not ride on the shoulders of other more experienced traders? In the stock trading world, it is expensive to invent your own wheels, why not research, copy and improvise others? That’s the better alternative. By the way, that’s another gem I picked up from “How To Be A Billionaire”!

Imagine at your finger tips you instantly discover what’s popular, which systems survived more than 6 months, profitable in last 30 days, doesn’t make big bets, offers trial subscription on all sort of trades from forex, options and even stocks.

I hope this little research churns out something in you to learn that in biz or in stock trading, it pays to ride on the professionals thru outsourcing of research and testing but let us focus on what’s working or not for us. That’s KISS for our stock trading plan.

Happy kaizen trading!

 John Lee

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