Right Mindset – Key to Money Making Trading

In any case I stand accused of writing a blog that gives practical advices and best money making stocks, yet I cannot deny the proliferation of so many internet and seminars that offer courses that promises big and easy money. Unfortunately, most will focus on only one aspect of trading, i.e. Method of Stock Selection. Of course, it’s the most important to most of us. That is a infallible fact we want to be right and to be boastful and say we are right about the market. “I am a successful stock trader”. “My selected stocks went up and how can I lose money?” And when we made money, this is exactly like the pyramid scheme, we make so money on the way up, we became blind. We expect a similar ride down and we think, we can get off say 20% off the highest peak. Very true description and completely logical thinking. Unfortunately the market doesn’t know as much like you, it does not happen that way. It doesn’t care and it has a mind of its own. Many a top trader is just like Holland got into the World Cup Finals recently and when it falls, it’s a mighty fall!

Stock selection methods are too numerous to list here but few can claim to be worthwhile and can be applied repeatly. Next blog I will share my recent discovery.

Some traditional methods, i.e. Dollar Averaging i.e. buying on regular intervals without looking at the price. Yeah it works if the market is rising; try doing that on the down and you will get serious doubts! As you are multiplying your losses! Another method is CANSLIM or How To Make Money In Stocks
as expounded by William O’Neil and it is good for anyone. An0ther favorite is from the Armchair Investor
or the Motley Fools.
They all work but needs commitment of time, resources and hard work.

We would love and imagine our stock selection is such that 8 out of 10, you were right! But even if true, we still lose money. That 9th stock will sink you when you least expect it.  Because by that time, your head’s so big, you bet all your winnings and your biggest bet expecting the biggest paycheck, you end up like biggest fool! Unbelievable but true and this repeats itself again and again. Unless you have the Right Mind-set.

 The Question is say, your stock selection has turn up a winner stock, do you dare to bet a million-dollar on it? Especially if that money is rent money, money you cannot afford to lose. That’s the first test of your stock selection. Next is if you have put down the bet, can you sleep soundly. Can you go on your daily routines, if the stock’s falling or rising? Can you quiet your mind and act as if nothing’s happening? This is the ultimate test of the 2nd phase, your mind-set. If you can perform the 1st and 2nd, good, you are ready for the third and final phase. What do you learn from it so that you can repeat your formula to make a profit again and again?

 In my writings I always mentioned the 3 aspects of trading and first is about trading ideas or decide on the stock selection method. The 2nd is paper trading and system set up and the 3rd and final phase is actual trading and kaizen up.

During that last phase, in the actual trading one finds small losses and if added up can be a torrential stream that is feeding the stock broking system, it reminds me of what someone told me about the race-course. Those thorough-bred horses, whose money is feeding them? What about the clerks accepting bets, the horse owners, the race-course and the gleaming aisle, seats and the chauffeured limousines? Whose money is feeding them? It reminds me, too, of the book, “Where Are The Customers’ Yachts?
What a revelation! Aha! It’s you, stupid! You and I. Remember the recent hoo-ha about HFT, or high frequency trading? It’s a given fact that stock brokers only want you to trade and he wants that trade done immediately, preferable thru him. Whether you make a loss or win, it is inconsequential; he’s made the money when trading is done thru him. All he’s afraid is that you don’t come but then, there’s always a new batch of suckers coming in anyway, fresh graduates or fresh wind-fall moneyed individuals.

Hence trading is dangerous if you come in unprepared, you are entering the lion’s den. The world is littered with has-beens, suicides, poor stock investors; some smart enough to stay away, some loved the adrenalin rushes, some out to scam you but you made your own choice. Be the 5% or don’t come in at all! That means you gotta learn, pay to learn and then you are ready to join the greatest game on this planet and lived to tell the tale!

Happy Kaizen trading!

John Lee

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    Because most of the things/”jobs” that allow you to make money on the net are flat out scams. Anything online that is legit will be the same as real life jobs.. you will have to go through an interview process, show proof of references and accredidations, file tax information, etc. Even most states have laws now that people selling on ebay and sites like it have to declare sales tax to the state. Pay per clicks are scams… you might find some interesting stuff, but if you get paid at all it will be a negligiable amount… 5, 10 bucks after a couple months of endless clicks. The last one I saw was paying 1/4th of a cent per click, and you ahve to stay on the page for 30 seconds. So, 2 minutes for one penny, you are making about 1$ per hour, and many many pay per clicks are paying far less than that. With the surveys, usually they give you as many surveys as you could possibly find time to take…. until you are about 5-10$ of your pay out level. Then you will be lucky if you see a single survey all month long, and when you do, it will only pay about 50 cents. Most others online are different versions of different pyramid scams. If you are brilliant enough to come up with one that will catch on and are at the top of the pyramid, you could make a lot. But by the time the general public gets it, the market is saturated and no one will buy the “product” Now, like I said, there *are* some legit opportunities online. But, you have to be vigilant in your research to know which ones are legit and which ones are scams. Know that anything promising an unrealistic amount of money for the work is likely a scam. Most things demanding money upfront are scams (I say most, but not all.. . Mary Kay requires a deposit up front for the demo items, but Mary Kay is a pretty legit company)

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