Money Secrets of Successful Traders – Discovered here!

The ultimate measure of a successful trader is whether his trading plan makes profits (remember the key to trading success – if you can measure, you can improve)
How good the trading plan is measured by indicators, it can be dollars profit per trade or per month. Sometimes it can be percentage of capital earned as compared to you putting into fixed deposits. There are also other measurements e.g. cost of trading in terms of commissions, slippage, losses per trade.
In stock trading what one needs is certainty in belief that you will make money in stock trading. How can you do that? There are several ways to accomplish that but they all begin with a good sold-rock foundation. By that I mean, a basic working trading plan you know will make you money. A sure, sure belief and especially one that is proof – tested thru paper trading. Prove to yourself first and do all the analysis until you are sure you can make money, though it might not meet all your expectations. But it must make money and that’s when you will achieve that break-thru feeling that you have now got certainty that each time you come to the stock market you’ll earn money. That’s the only sign you’ll need that you got a real trading plan.

I have done researches and spent thousands of hours and thousands of hard-earned cash to trade on my own whilst searching for a trading system to make money. I found many such courses, books, seminars and yet I was skeptical. Some worked for a while but then fizzled out as didn’t inspire enuff confidence. Still they took lots of time, money and capital, especially the initial investment to get the software, hardware and then the testing and fine-tuning to see little results. Most turned out to be duds anyway and I almost gave up. Until recently, I saw this little ad and I asked myself, “What has to happen for me to purchase this stuff?” I spent a week thinking about it but maybe it was something different I felt when I re-read this ad, before I decided to purchase it. I tested it, toyed with it and then I got this sudden eureka! A Zen enlightenment if you like, that actually to learn to trade profitably is simple. All the classic 3M, methodology to select stocks, money management and have a good mindset are basically the foundation steps you need to focus on. And improve each M, each time you have done some trading. It’s basically ensuring I always improve from knowing the basic cycle of improvisation, like Japanese kaizen, what’s the aim of this trade, how I measure it, formulate a plan, doing it, compare the results against aim and finally analyzing where I did right or wrong and then correcting myself along the way.
The journey to become a profitable trader is as long as you take to digest that simple idea that you just need a sure-profit trading plan. I have created a power-point presentation of my discovery <click here to view ppt> and later I will present a no-holds barred review.

Take it from me, look no more further, invest in it and you will never look at trading with fear anymore. You will kick your own butt what you have been missing and why you have wasted so much time, money and efforts and not learn the simple easy way as this Trader has done.
Till then, happy trading!

John Lee

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