Money is life: Earn it or regret it!

Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a particular country or socio economic context, or is easily converted to such a form. The main functions of money, after all money is life, distinguished as: a medium of exchange; a unit of account; a store of value; and, sometimes, a standard of deferred payment. Any item or verifiable record that fulfills these functions can be considered money. Discover what you need in pursuit of wealth, click here for free report.

There have been many historical disputes regarding the combination of money’s functions, for example money equals happiness, some arguing that they need more separation and that a single unit is insufficient to deal with them all. One of these arguments is that the role of money as a medium of exchange is in conflict with its role as a store of value: its role as a store of value requires holding it without spending, whereas its role as a medium of exchange requires it to circulate. Others argue that storing of value is just deferral of the exchange, but does not diminish the fact that money is a medium of exchange that can be transported both across space and time. The term “financial capital” is a more general and inclusive term for all liquid instruments, whether or not they are a uniformly recognized tender.

When money is used to intermediate the exchange of goods and services, it is performing a function as a medium of exchange. It thereby avoids the inefficiencies of a barter system, such as the “coincidence of wants” problem. Money’s most important usage is as a method for comparing the values of dissimilar objects especially amongst individuals’ personal finance or wealt.

In economics, money is a broad term that refers to any financial instrument that can fulfill the functions of money (detailed above). These financial instruments together are collectively referred to as the money supply of an economy. In other words, the money supply is the amount of financial instruments within a specific economy available for purchasing goods or services. Since the money supply consists of various financial instruments (usually currency, demand deposits and various other types of deposits), the amount of money in an economy is measured by adding together these financial instruments creating a monetary aggregate.


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Let money management show you right way to success

Learn to drive your money into an investment. Choose the best investment company based on the type of investment you are willing to make. It is better to leave them your worries and gain good profits by taking their infallible advices as you propel towards financial freedom. Discover what you need in for financial management thru pursuit of wealth, click here for free report.

Financial management advisors, like personal financial planners, wealth managers, and others using the same or similar titles, are generalists who provide financial counseling and advice to clients on a fee, percentage of assets, or commission basis or some hybrid of these. A typical fee for a fee only planner might range from $80 to $180 per hour. The body of knowledge underlying personal finance planning is becoming increasingly well codified. A typical program might include a best practices approach, establishing the engagement, data gathering, clarifying financial status, financial management, risk management, tax planning, education planning, retirement planning, estate planning, asset management, planning for the closely held business, developing and presenting the financial plan, implementation and monitoring, modular planning and special planning goals, and regulatory, ethical, and legal issues, as well as marketing and practice management.

Financial management is NOT JUST investments (unless you have a conflict of interest). For most humans, Money management is first and last, time management, so plan your life carefully. Periodically think about what you want for your future self. You only have about 4000 weeks (52×80) to get it right enough, so periodically think about balancing it better.

You must use your time to gain money; work in exchange for pay, or manipulate others and their money, to get a portion of it (commission, marriage, or fee).

Do you know that when you think that there is a scarcity of anything you run out to get some more in case you run out of it how could you run out of money when there is so much around the world to attract to you?

Having the feeling of being deprive or this feeling of “lacking of” or “not having enough of”, maybe felt in different in many ways and it may go to fun, cloths, love, attention, support, money or anything else which means that you may have the feeling that you have the right to have something and someone else is stopping you from having it although you know logically there are no truth to this.

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Best New year resolutions for wealth and happiness

On New Year’s Eve, I will certainly enjoy talk about my year end resolutions and my personal finance misadventures but hopefully my conversation will be slightly more spirit filled than last year. There is really no need to wait until New Year’s to start making resolutions. Discover what you need in pursuit of wealth, click here for free report.

Every year it’s the same. Wait. Not every year. Every first day of the month it’s the same, every day after my birthday, every day after Halloween, every Monday and, worst of all, every January 1: time to make resolutions. I will not eat sugar. I will be patient with my kids. I will not be late for work. I will exercise an hour a day. I will quit drinking Starbucks grande soy no water Tazo chai (see how that just rolled off the tongue)? Every Imaginable landmark date is the same. It’s time to make resolutions. And every day after landmark date it’s the same: Fail.

So today, I am starting to define my Christmas top resolution. I could just start achieving my resolutions right now but I want to allow time for me to sit with the resolutions and ensure that the resolutions will help deepen my spirituality. I will offer my New Year resolutions up to God as part of my prayer time so that I can be sure that I am moving forward based on a sincere desire for increased spirituality instead of on an ego driven pleasure trip.

The reasons we often fail at keeping our resolution—though we’re experts at making them!—are the following. Notice which of these common reasons are yours, and then choose to make a positive change in the resolutions you select, how you construct them, and how you share them. Here’s the scoop on what can go wrong and how to avoid it.

Resolutions And Promises: Why Make Them, If You Can’t Keep Them. Your New Year Resolutions are so interesting and I am sure you will achieve success in all of them. Here is a list of the top ten resolutions people make, and some suggestions to help you achieve each resolution to lead to self improvement and a happy life: lose weight, create a passive income, make 10 new friends, get a girl or boy friend, put $20k in fixed deposit for 6 months, feel grateful each wake up and say, “let’s energized to power thru the day”, be thankful for 3 things done yesterday, walk 10 mins per day, meditation 3 mins per day, give away $100 a month.

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Personal finance 101 for retirement

Managing your personal finance can actually be fun. Saving money in this tight economy can be a thing or act of achievement. In order to do this, the main thing that you will be required to do is lower your expenditures as much as possible through budgeting. In order to achieve this, you will be required to recognize your needs until and including retirement planning. In order to save your time while budgeting, you can use a money saving and personal finance budgeting software. In fact, there are various such money saving and personal finance software that simplifies the budgeting process and makes savings a fun work. Discover what you need in pursuit of wealth, click here for free report.

In today’s financial climate, personal fiscal responsibility is more important than ever. Knowing how much money you have, the liquidity of your assets and being able to successfully manage you assets is essential. However, it seems that these are not skills that our educational institutions place much value upon. While math and science courses are staples and graduation requirements in our high school curricula, arguably more applicable personal finance software or courses are not. Perhaps that is why many students are feeling increasingly unprepared to make the crucial financial decisions that they face upon graduation. A key aspect of understanding personal finance is comprehending the basics of accounting. Therefore, it is my opinion that at least one basic accounting course should be a requirement for all high school students. Below I will briefly outline several basic concepts that should help give interested readers an overview of accounting.

To have to best personal finance tips you should look for every opportunity to save money. There are countless ways to cut back on your expenses, which will lead to having more money to save each month. You can save money on your groceries, internet service and phone services, by only looking into better prices and rates.

Keeping track of your personal finances may only require a few entries per month, depending on the number of significant financial transactions you perform. However, businesses are in a much different scenario. Due to the scope of their operations and the sheer number of different accounts they maintain, it is vital they organize their transactions in an easy to view format. The format of choice is a “T account.” A t account looks just as its name may indicate   a “T.” The name of the account serves as a header while debits occupy the left side of the “T” and credits occupy the right. This allows auditors as well as company accountants to quickly find transactions and follow the flow of money throughout the company. For every account that a company maintains, a corresponding t account is created.

However, balancing your personal finance sheet does not have to be this hard. Many financial experts suggest one should create a list of all of his or her responsibilities that must be met each month. After making this list, one should take their net monthly income and see how it stacks up against all the bills that he or she has decided are must pays.

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Revitalize Your Mind And Body With Wellness Retreats

In order to break away from the pressure of daily life, it is highly advisable to go on spiritual retreats. The importance of retreats have been felt since the days of the earliest civilizations and their relevance is no less diminished today. In fact, the mechanical nature of life today demands meditation or the need to go for wellness retreats. Discover that wealth is the next most important life skill, here’s what you need in pursuit of wealth, click here for free report.

Whether you’ve come to experience Zen enlightenment or to hold your own group retreat or conference, your mission is to assist and support the personal transformation, growth and healing for yourself. Retreats can help provide answers to everyday problems, heal physical, mental and emotional ailments, and aid in the expansion of consciousness and the exploration of the spiritual world. Most retreats can offer comfortable accommodations with an integrative approach to working with plant medicines, blending together many philosophies and techniques to bring you the most powerful, transformative experience possible.

Lot of people ignore health majority of the times. Majority of the times this is found in women as they have to manage house work and office work both. If you are also one amongst them and are looking out for some good relaxation then picking on the best healing retreats for women can be a perfect choice. They provide you a healthy living and a perfect way to enhance your hobbies and skills too.

These days, more and more kids are choosing to stay at home longer. Increasingly high rent, along with the pressure to save money whilst studying or saving for their own home, can be too much for teenagers or young adults to take on as soon as they finish high school. Unfortunately for the parents, having your kids stay at home for too long can be a nightmare! Teenage Retreats / sleep-outs are now a popular option for families to help solve this problem. They are bigger than just adding on an extra room to your existing home structure and a more economical option than buying a granny flat.

As you can see there are a few logistics that need to be sorted before you buy your teenage retreat. If you bear in mind these three tips then the process should be rather easy. These self contained homes come in many different designs and can be interior decorated any way you like, giving you complete freedom to use whatever colours, finishes and materials you like. Bigger than an extra room, the teenage retreats on the market are an economical and easy solution if you want to get the kids out of the house, but not have them stray too far.

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Meditation relaxation for body and mind

The three main ways how meditation changes the brain are through new neural connections, creating a new view of life, and increasing you emotional health. At any rate, meditation calms the mind and offers a number of health benefits even before enlightenment. In passing thru this Good Earth physical plane, we still need to be financially smart till our retirement. Discover what you need in pursuit of wealth, click here for free report.

With regular meditation, all your daily stresses and anxiety reduces; your blood pressure and the risk of having a heart attack minimizes; your concentration and clarity of thought improves, and your creative side releases.

It is here the meditation techniques no longer becomes an inquiry, but rather you simply relax into pure being, you surrender in pure consciousness. You begin to be able to directly experience this moment beyond mental perception, without having to use your mind. You begin to experience that you are not your thoughts, but the consciousness behind the thinking, the consciousness from where the thoughts arise and disappear on their own.

As you can see, meditation for the purpose of accessing alpha mind power has many benefits. As it relaxes your mind and body and taps into the power of your subconscious mind, it also stimulates the creativity center of your brain   all of which are important strategies to increase brain power.

Utilizing beginner meditation practices to start a daily routine of your own so you can start to enjoy the affects we mentioned above in how meditation benefits changes the brain.

Numerous relaxation meditation techniques can initiate peaceful thoughts in your mind, which can be used for a psychological change or for good health through mild workout. Alternatively, it can be used to unwind at the end of hectic day. Stress management is another name for relaxation methods. The primary stress management techniques are

Some of the common meditation postures include the half lotus, traditional full lotus, chair sitting, kneeling and lying postures. Meditation practitioners usually use more than one posture for meditation. This requires the ability to meditate in any of the sitting or kneeling postures. Meditation cushions help in improving great postures and engaging in various meditation postures.

Before you start your meditation with incense, determine the type of incense you are going to use. According to aromatherapy, the best scents for relaxation are lavender, sage and peppermint. Start your meditation session with lavender incense, which will help to remove the stressed and tensed feelings in the mind. It calms the mind and creates a positive effect. It stimulates the meditative consciousness by developing a spiritual connection. Peppermint incense enhances your feelings so that you are more clear and aware about your emotions. You can also choose the scent according to your choice.

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What Does Retirement Mean To You?

Planning for retirement is as important as planning your career and marriage. We need to take conscious and careful decisions to prepare for our retirement planning. Life takes its own course and from the poorest to the wealthiest, every one gets older with time. We get older every day, without realizing. Some people like it. Some people dont but the fact is that retirement is a reality for every working person. Most young people today think cannot think of retirement as reality as they believe in living at present. Discover what you need in pursuit of wealth, click here for free report.

However, it is important to plan for your post retirement life if you wish to retain your financial independence and maintain a comfortable standard of living even when you are no longer earning. This is extremely important, because, unlike developed nations, India does not have a social security net. In most countries people still depend upon bank savings and fixed deposits for retirement purpose, which is unfortunately inadequate.

With our coming old age we tend to become more understanding to the facts of life and realize the importance and impact of retirement. The future depends to a great extent on the choices you make today. Right decisions with the help of proper planning, taken at the right time will assure smile and success at the time of retirement.

There are retirement annuity policies designed for lifetime. This means that you will enjoy regular monthly payments for your entire lifetime. One of the greatest advantages of lifetime annuity is that it passes on to the spouse if the annuitant dies first. The amount that is fixed at the commencement of the retirement annuity will be received by the spouse. However, the annuitant with survivor benefits will receive low monthly payments than one received from a single life expectancy policy.

Planning for retirement at 40 is a good idea because the next thing you know your 65, then what. Take note age creeps up on all of us, I know I use to be 20 then 40 now in my 50’s, sixty five is not that far away. What will happen if you do not plan for retirement now, 65 is too late.

In my words, retirement planning means making sure you will have enough money to live on after leaving your work. Retirement should be that period of your life, when you can sit back and relax. Retirement should bring more of enjoyment in your life by reaping benefits of what you earn in so many years of hard work. But it is easier said than done. Most of the people live their worst life during retirement. To achieve a hassle free retired life, you need to make right investment decisions during your working life, thus putting your hard earned money to work for you in future. If you are not very aware of the investment that you need to undertake then you can easily take help of online advisers to help you with your retirement plan through mutual funds. The earlier you start the better it is for you.

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Steps On How To Buy Stocks In The Stock Market

You may want to invest in a business where you need not come to the office regularly and carry out directions from a boss. You may be thinking of the Stock Market and want to know where you can avail of these. Certainly, there are sites that provide you to Buy Stocks Online. Discover what you need in pursuit of wealth, click here for free report

Investing in the stock market may have some risks involved but believe it or not it is safer than most people believe. Yes markets tend to go up and down but this not a bad thing really. When the stock market takes a down turn it will quite often take the good solid stocks with it. This is a good opportunity to buy stocks at a lower rate. I hear people referring to GM going bankrupt using that as an example of why not to invest. There was a lot of warning long before they went bankrupt to know their finances were in trouble allowing you to get out long before their demise. 

Nowadays, successful traders invest in stocks thru buying stocks online for convenience. This is the product of the modern technology which has benefited the exchange industry. Many business owners in these days have found a very good place to publish their wares worldwide through web sites which are developed on the Internet. The same is true with the stock exchange business.

The task of the traders and investors at the moment is to know the stocks that they need to trade and from what particular sectors. In the present time, all the different sectors of the exchange market with their corresponding commodities are readily seen and available online. By the time they have decided to trade, the next move is to the buy stocks online.

The last 10 years or so have seen stocks turn into ways more volatile. One of the reasons for this is the emergence of on line stockbrokers and the power to buy stocks online. Day merchants have emerged which are thinking about shopping for and selling stocks shortly moderately than invest for the long term. This has made the stock market have greater swings day to day. It was that buyers purchased stock in a company because they favored its fundamentals for the lengthy haul but now many purchase stock with solely the brief term in mind. It has virtually grown to be too straightforward for anybody to become involved within the stock market and in consequence a variety of newbie traders have gotten involved.

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Meditation sharpens mindset of a successful trader

Meditation is really simple and if done properly you can master this art but it will take time. Now the question is what is meditation? In meditation you have to pay attention to a point of focus which can be anything like a mantra, mindfulness, a prayer, a holy word, a breadth or any other thing and whenever you feel that you are distracted, try to refocus. Discover what you need in pursuit of wealth, click here for free report.

A key component of a successful trader is having the proper mindset and that requires discipline and a stilled mind. Meditation is key to this calmness and receiving of ideas and thoughts towards better investing results!

Meditation Techniques are so beneficial that even respected institutions and clinics prescribe meditation programs for their patients. It helps the patients to recover faster and gain the lost confidence. You can also practice meditation through meditation CD as it helps you to do it simply. Meditation when you are a perfectionist can be frustrating because it seems you can never get it quite right. Meditation can be used to protect oneself from external pressures or stresses. We can use meditation techniques to protect ourselves thru awareness and mindfulness of our bodies from the negative effects and influences.

Meditation techniques have really helped people to become physically stronger, mentally clearer and emotionally calmer. Therefore, people who wish to start can get the benefits from various Meditation for Beginners books and CDs.

Meditation can be done in your bedroom or you can even go to a lawn for this particular purpose. There are numbers of people all around the world who are willing to get rid of stress and anxiety though they are unable to do it so as they don’t have much idea about various meditation techniques. The techniques of meditation are very simple and you really don’t have to improvise a massive process for meditation. You can easily get proper meditation and control your mind as well as your body with it within a few minutes. Concentration and proper focus is the most important aspect of meditation. There will be no complications for a person who is not very well aware of meditation.

Meditation helps you relax, become centered and grounded and, in this state of deep relaxation you can visualize a perfect game. Studies have shown that visualization that engages all of your senses is a powerful agent to improve your game. Visualizing a perfect stance, addressing the ball, the perfect swing that has you hitting the “sweet spot” every time, perfect follow through, etc. results in a vastly improved game. Research is able to support this theory. 

Meditation can lead you to what we’ve outlined. The mental game of the fight is 80% of the battle. The mechanics of fighting will come, but practice meditation to achieve the next mentality level of fighting. A quality MMA training program will outline the mental game of trading, having develop a mindset rooted in success in more detail and you should have interest in it.

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Tips For Getting Home Financing

Almost all people would want to have a home of their own. The adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is a common class of home financing that might be used when you purchase a place you may either acquire an adjustable or a fixed rate home financing. To learn the Golden Rules of Acquiring Wealth, click here for free report.

When procuring a place anywhere in the state even one of the homes in prime real estate, which is say fenced up. In this type of loan the fluctuations of interest rates happen which depends on six different indexes in the market.

Remember, credit scores don’t change overnight. Improving them requires time and diligent effort on your part, so it’s a good idea to get the ball rolling at least three to six months prior to submitting your application for home financing.

When your credit history isn’t a pretty picture to others, there is a good chance that you will struggle a lot in getting a loan or any kind of finance. This is exactly where you can get support from lenders who can offer mobile home financing options to cater to your housing needs.

A No deposit home loan or one that provide 100% financing is applicable for people who are not capable of raising a down payment of five or ten percent of the mortgage loan, but nevertheless, needs to buy a home as soon as possible. This is especially the case for newly wed couples or those who have suffered from losing their homes due to natural disasters or accidents. 100% home financing is also recommended for people who plan to invest in real estate properties.

However, 100% home loan financing also have some drawbacks. Among these is the fact that this kind of mortgage offers a higher interest rate than the normal mortgage loans. This is primarily because the more money being lent to you, the higher the interest in the long term. Another is that some banks charge extra closing fees such as Higher Lending Charge. Also, you have to know that it is far more difficult to obtain a 100% home financing loan that getting a normal mortgage loan due to the stricter lending criteria.

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