Best New year resolutions for wealth and happiness

On New Year’s Eve, I will certainly enjoy talk about my year end resolutions and my personal finance misadventures but hopefully my conversation will be slightly more spirit filled than last year. There is really no need to wait until New Year’s to start making resolutions. Discover what you need in pursuit of wealth, click here for free report.

Every year it’s the same. Wait. Not every year. Every first day of the month it’s the same, every day after my birthday, every day after Halloween, every Monday and, worst of all, every January 1: time to make resolutions. I will not eat sugar. I will be patient with my kids. I will not be late for work. I will exercise an hour a day. I will quit drinking Starbucks grande soy no water Tazo chai (see how that just rolled off the tongue)? Every Imaginable landmark date is the same. It’s time to make resolutions. And every day after landmark date it’s the same: Fail.

So today, I am starting to define my Christmas top resolution. I could just start achieving my resolutions right now but I want to allow time for me to sit with the resolutions and ensure that the resolutions will help deepen my spirituality. I will offer my New Year resolutions up to God as part of my prayer time so that I can be sure that I am moving forward based on a sincere desire for increased spirituality instead of on an ego driven pleasure trip.

The reasons we often fail at keeping our resolution—though we’re experts at making them!—are the following. Notice which of these common reasons are yours, and then choose to make a positive change in the resolutions you select, how you construct them, and how you share them. Here’s the scoop on what can go wrong and how to avoid it.

Resolutions And Promises: Why Make Them, If You Can’t Keep Them. Your New Year Resolutions are so interesting and I am sure you will achieve success in all of them. Here is a list of the top ten resolutions people make, and some suggestions to help you achieve each resolution to lead to self improvement and a happy life: lose weight, create a passive income, make 10 new friends, get a girl or boy friend, put $20k in fixed deposit for 6 months, feel grateful each wake up and say, “let’s energized to power thru the day”, be thankful for 3 things done yesterday, walk 10 mins per day, meditation 3 mins per day, give away $100 a month.

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