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This site is about revealing the trading secrets unleashed from successful traders and giving readers value thru recommending investing tips, seminars and trading programs that work.

By now, if you scan the internet on binary trading, you probably find billions of information on how to be successful stock trader. Albeit, it’s a slow process as you have to sieve for the nuggets of true, practical and useful info. There’s an overwhelming feeling of information overload. Many advices are given, with good intention, but many seemed contradictory even in the same paragraph!

Somehow you must be aware that a trading plan is but a beginning of your adventure towards financial freedom. It is a continuous step-like growth i.e. kaizen trading towards a system that fits you. No one can teach you all the skills of a consistent profitable trader by covering all nuances, thoughts and uncanny-like automatic response towards the market. The circumstances and market will always change as in Buddhist philosophy that the only constant in life is change. Hence the basic principles are the same and with that you need to fit those principles to your own trading plan.

Hence it is imperative we don’t waste valuable time to test our trading plan using our hard-earned money, endless hours pouring over tables, complicated technical formulas but go straight to a master who has done it.

Four important things that you don’t need to make money from the stock market:

You don’t need big money- In fact, you can practically get started with as little as $1,000 and can still make 1 million in 5 years or less. Increase your initial amount and you can achieve the target of 1 Million in much lesser time.

Don’t waste time doing unnecessary research- Say goodbye to complex theories, charts & boring technical analysis. All we need is probably 10 minutes a day to follow 5 or less simple steps explained with the help of examples, pictures and graphs.

You don’t need technical skills or prior knowledge – Again this always helps, but you don’t need it to succeed. All you need is the willingness to learn stock strategy. Because after all this is for the struggling stock traders.

Don’t need to pay for any software, subscrition etc.- There is absolutely no need to waste your hard earned money on any other expensive subscriptions, tips, books, systems, seminars etc.

As for me, I have spent countless hours and endless research and attending several world class seminars but in the end the simplicity is here for all to see. The stock-market has only 3 things that can happen daily, the price goes up, down or sideways and yet it’s astonishing how 80% traders wanna-be will lose money each year. It can’t be that difficult unless we don’t have a basic trading plan and even that it begins with the “choose the right stocks” to buy.

In my blog, mention is made of the 3 critical areas a profitable trader must master. I called it the 3M, i.e. master the Method of selecting stocks to buy, then control the Money management of trade and finally having the Mindset of automatic profiting mind, being able to cut losses and letting profits run.

The 3M combination thereby creates a synergized trading plan that cuts losses and maximizes winnings. However this profitable investing cannot happen without the basic  foundation of picking up a winning stock. It is the logical anchor of a good trading system.

However the main thing and foundation of profitable trading is How to pick stocks to buy? This is most important 1st M-method of selecting stocks for when this is done correctly, we need only go to the second and third M i.e. control of how much to invest and what price to sell. Things are easier to decide once we purchase a stock and then that stock price go up! It’s then a simple decision of how much money to give back to the market, especially when you are winning side, i.e. profitable side of the stock.

How to pick stocks? Whoever masters this Question is like having a sure make money formula. This is what this review is is all about. It covers that fundamental 1st M.

So forget the rules, this is rule number one. After that it’s all about applying the rule and synergized learning from mistakes and from the positive territory this isn’t difficult.

It can’t get better and simple than this! Hence I would say, please, do not wait any longer, grabbing one of these recommended books or programs, and start living your dreams.

By the way, most of these books come with money-back guarantee makes this recommendation a no-brainer. In other words, this is a sure-win trade and one cannot lose money! So what have you got to lose?

Happy kaizen trading!

John Lee

P.S. This site receives compensation when products and services featured herein are purchased.

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